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Staff Contact Information

Shane Brown, Youth Mentor and Carver                                               

Dionne Cadiente-Laiti, Executive Director
(907) 790-1424

Linda Carroll, Finance and Project Associate

(907) 790-1471

Aurora Coronell, Video Documentary Specialist
(907) 790-1487

Selina Everson, Fluent Language Educator (no bio)
(907) 364-3132 [home]

Justice Harris, Language Documentation Associate (no bio)

Marsha HotchKlukwan – Language & Cultural Curriculum Specialist

Jessica Isturis, Language Documentation Associate (no bio)

Victoria Johnson, Pre-K / Elementary Education Lead / Coordinator
(907) 790-1469

Justina Starzynski, Klukwan – Language Education Specialist

 Fred White, Education Projects Lead / Coordinator                                                                                                       (907) 790-1461