Student Reading Resources – Elementary

Raven and Petrel's Water Healing our Water

How to Treat Salmon

DRA 34 DRA 34 DRA 40
Where Does Your Drinking Water Come From Where Does Your Water Waste Go Alive in the Eddy
DRA 38 DRA 34 DRA 24
The Man Who ORdered the Tide  Tlingit Oral Narratives White Raven and Water
DRA 34 DRA 30 DRA 20
How the Red Bird Got His Color Rock House, Why the Sun follows the Moon Why the Possum's Tail is Bare
DRA 34 DRA 34 DRA 40
Raven, King Salmon and the Birds  Raven Cooks King Salmon  What is an Oral Narrative
DRA 16-24 DRA 16 DRA 34
A Walk in the Forest Victoria's Day at the Beach Rose Hip Tea
Salmon Inside a Salmon Making High Bush Cranberry Juice
DRA 10 DRA 10 DRA 10-12
Gathering Herring Eggs Gathering Cedar Bark Clover and Fireweed Honey
DRA 10 DRA 40 DRA 8-10
Making Blueberry Jam Art of Storytelling The Ferry Trip
DRA 6 DRA 30 DRA 4
4 Phases of the Moon Spruce Root Gathering Making High Bush Cranberry Punch
DRA 6-8 DRA 40 DRA 16-18
Making Rose Hip Tea    
DRA 14-16    
Sitka Black Tailed Deer Koox, Wild Rice
DRA 30 DRA 50
How the Milky Way Came To Be Why Rabbit has a Short Tail
DRA 38 DRA 34