Job Opportunities

Employment/contractor opportunities for teachers, curriculum developers for the Tlingit culture, Tlingit language specialists, and other positions at Goldbelt Heritage Foundation.

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Employment Positions (UPDATED: 01/21/2021)

Contractor Positions

  • Youth Ambassadors ~ High School Work Experience 

  • Elders / Cultural Specialists/ Educators 

  • Fluent Tlingit Language Speakers

  • Language Apprentices

  • Language Curriculum Writers

  • Curriculum Writers (All Grades)

  • Teacher Training Specialists

  • Art Educators

  • Summer Academy Facilitators / Educators


Volunteer Opportunities

GHF Board Position

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We changed the contractor process: we may ask former applicants to provide documents to assure that the most up-to-date information is on-record. Application have been modified; submission of an application is not a guarantee of a contract. Our administration will meet with applying contractors to review new contracts, if needed, or to discuss other opportunities.  

We will continue to need contractors for the following:
• Elder / Cultural Specialist
• Fluent Tlingit Language Educator
• Mentor Tlingit Language Teacher
• Apprentice Tlingit Language Teacher
• Language Curriculum Writer
• Teacher Training Specialist
• Art Educator
• Grant Writer