Job Opportunities

Employment/contractor opportunities for teachers, curriculum developers for the Tlingit culture, Tlingit language specialists, and other positions at Goldbelt Heritage Foundation.

Mail your application to the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation office.
Or, e-mail your application – 

Have questions?  Call Deena at 907-790-1460 Dionne at 907-790-1424. 

Click on the job title(s) to see the job description and requirements: 

Employment Positions

button with holes Angoon Youth Education Specialist

Contractor Positions

button with holes General Contractor Application

button with holes Lead Carver Application *open until filled*

button with holes Apprentice Carver Application

button with holes Mentor Carver Application

button with holes Language Contractors Request Application
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Elder Cultural Specialist Request Application
button with holes Language Curriculum Writer Application
button with holes New Language Teacher Application
button with holes Mentor Language Teacher Application

Time Record Form

We changed the contractor process: we may ask former applicants to provide documents to assure that the most up-to-date information is on-record. Application have been modified; submission of an application is not a guarantee of a contract. Our administration will meet with applying contractors to review new contracts, if needed, or to discuss other opportunities.  

We will continue to need contractors for the following:
• Elder / Cultural Specialist
• Fluent Tlingit Language Educator
• Mentor Tlingit Language Teacher
• Apprentice Tlingit Language Teacher
• Language Curriculum Writer
• Teacher Training Specialist
• Art Educator
• Mentor Carver
• Apprentice Carver
• Grant Writer
• Evaluator