Audio Files: Forest Creatures. What? Where?

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “Forest creatures.”

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What Does it Eat?

English Tlingit Audio
What does the squirrel usually eat? Daa sá axháa nooch kanals’aak?
Does it usually eat ___? ___ gé axáa nooch?  
Does the squirrel eat  pinecones? S’óos’ani gé axáa nooch kanals’aak?
The squirrel usually eats pine cones. S’óos’ani axáa nooch, kanals’aak.
The deer usually eats leaves, plants. Kayaaní axáa nooch, guwakaan.
The black bear usually eats berries. Tléikw axáa nooch, s’eek.
The wolf eats deer. Guwakaan axáa nooch, gooch
The ermine usually eats mice. Kagaak axáa nooch, daa.
The land otter usually eats fish. Xáat axáa nooch, kóoshdaa.
Do people usually eat squirrels? Káach gé axáa nooch kanals’aak?
No, they don’t usually eat squirrels. Tléik’, tlél has ooxáa nooch kanals’aak.

Where does it live?return to top

English Tlingit Audio
Is the squirrel here? Yáadu gé  kanals’aak?
Is the squirrel there? Wéidu gé  kanals’aak?
Where is the squirrel? Goosú kanals’aak?
It’s not here. Tlél yáat
It’s not there. Tlél a
Where does the squirrel live? Goox’ sá yéi tíxx’w kanals’aak?
The squirrel lives in the forest. Aas gutóox’ yéi tíxx’w, kanals’aak.
The deer live in the forest. Aas gutóox’ yéi tíxx’w, guwakaan
The black bears live in the forest. Aas gutóox’ yéi tíxx’w, s’eek.
Wolves live in the forest. Aas gutóox’ yéi tíxx’w, gooch.
Ermine live in the forest. Aas gutóox’ yéi tíxx’w, daa.
Land otters live in the forest. Aas gutóox’ yéi tíxx’w, kóoshdaa
It doesn’t live there. Tlél áx’ yéi utíxhx’w.

Song  • return to top

Song “Tell about the (animal), it lives in the forest and eats (food)”


Target sentence patterns, yéi daané, to do

English Tlingit Audio
What am I doing? Daa sá yéi daa xané?
What are you doing? Daa sá yéi daa eené?
What is he/she doing? Daa sá yéi adaa né?
I’m sitting Xa áa
You are sitting. Ee áa.
He is sitting. Áa.
Sit! (one person) Ganú!
Sit! (all) Gaykí!
I’m not sitting. Tlél xwa.aa
You are not sitting. Tlél ee.aa.
He is not sitting. Tlél u.aa.
Don’t  sit! Tlél ee.aayík!
I know! Xwasikóo!
I don’t know! Tlél xwasakú!

Target sentence patterns, aa, sitting • return to top

English Tlingit Audio
What is it doing? Daa sá yéi adaané?
It is sitting. Aa.
Where is it sitting? Goox’ sá áa?
It is sitting on a branch. Sheey kát áa.
It is sitting under a tree. Aas tayeex’ áa.
It is sitting in the grass. Chookán xoot áa.
It is sitting on the beach. Eekt áa.
I’m not standing. Tlél xwa.aa.
You are not standing. Tlél ee.aa.
She-he is not standing. Tlél u.aa.
You all don’t sit. Tlél yee.aayík!