Audio Files: Sewing

These Tlingit language audio files accompany the Unit “Sewing.”


English Tlingit Audio
Thread/sinew tás
needle táax’al’
scissors kaashaxáshaa
cloth S’ísaa
w/out arms = vest L.uljíni
moccasins at xáshti téel
Pencil Kooxéedaa
Paper X’ux’
Head Band Shadaa.át
Button Yooka,óot’
Bead Kawóot
Patch Téey
Bag Gwéil
Lining, it’s lining A t’einyaa Kawoowu
Trim, it’s trimming At x’axéedli
Seam Kéech’al’
Blanket (button) Yooka,óot’ x’óow
Dance apron L’axkeit

Verbs & Verb Forms

English Tlingit Audio
I am sewing Xadakéis’
You are sewing Idakéis’
_______ is not Sewing Tlél udakéis’ ______
I sewed Xwáakaa
We sewed Wtudíkaa
S/he sewed Aawákaa
Did you sew? Yidíkaa gé?
S/he will sew Guxkaa

Target Sentence Patterns

English Tlingit Audio
What is s/he doing? Daa sá (wé) yéi adaa.né?
What are you doing? Daa sá (wé) yéi daa.eené?
What is s/he doing with their hands? Daa sá (wé) adáax’ yéi jiné?
What are you sewing? Daa sá (wé) ikéis’?