Audio Files: Weaving. Nouns and Noun-Forms

These Tlingit language audio files accompany the Unit “Weaving”. Below are examples of noun “forms.”

Nouns and Noun Forms

English Tlingit  
Scissors Kaashaxáshaaáshaa.mp3
Hot water Yat’aayi héenéen.mp3
Cold water Si.áat’i héenáati-héen.mp3
Bowl S’íx’ k’wát’íx.mp3
How many? X’oon sá?á.mp3
Yarn Kakéinéin.mp3
Baby oil T’ukanéiyi  daaneis’íéiyi-daaneisí.mp3
Knife Lítaaítaa.mp3
Towel JiGwéinaaéinaa.mp3

Verbs and Verb Forms