Our Board of Directors and Staff share a collective vision of serving all members of the Goldbelt family, wherever they are located, to “drink from the vessel of traditional knowledge” of Tlingit wisdom and culture.  We are located in Juneau, Alaska – the heart of the aboriginal lands of the Áak’w Kwáan and T’aaku clans.  To show our deepest respect for them, Kaawadláan haa shtugáadatí (our deepest gratitude) our foundation is documenting their culture, language and history, so that we can live in honor and respect.

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This vision inspires our mission to advance culturally-responsive education practices grounded in Tlingit values and traditions.  As our Elders tell us, “Tsu héidei shugaxtootáan yá yaakoosgé daakeit haa jeex’ a nak has kawdik’éet’,” meaning: we will open again this container of wisdom left in our care.

To advance our mission, our framework is centered on the following strategic directions:

  • Language revitalization initiatives, which include the creation of a database with over 550 Tlingit verb-forms and teaching the Tlingit language for learners of all ages along with working towards advanced fluency that assures language preservation for future generations.
  • To develop and promote culturally responsive education, which include curriculum that can be used in classrooms, culture camps and youth leadership training to teach service to community.
  • To preserve and serve as an archive of historical information.
  • To build community by serving as an interactive tool.